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Full Embedded System development
Developing an Embedded System to solve real-world Automation and Control problem is at the heart of Mutex Embedded, where client have some system requirements that we Research, Design and Develop
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Software Development
We are specialised at Software development for embedded Microcontrollers-based systems, especially for ARM Cortex-M MCU
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Hardware design & manufacturing
Our highly experienced Electronics engineers, advanced design software and our manufacturing workshop enable us to provide numerous Embedded Hardware solutions
Maintenance & Repair
We provide maintenance and repair services for our Embedded systems at client site. We also offer maintenance for third party embedded systems



Solar powered Chemical pump with an LCD Interface to control pump modes of operations and display Solar Charge Controller parameters such Battery level, Tank-level, Temperature, Wattage and Time Information. The application domain of this project is in remote plants such as chemical plants in desert or jungle. Read More…

ADVANCED STM32 Programming


STM32F4/F7 MCUs comprises of an on-chip LCD-TFT Display Controller (LTDC) core that provides parallel RGB data lines, Synchronisation (H-sync, V-sync), Enable and Pixel clock signals. STM32 LTDC provides up to 24-bit parallel RGB signals which allows interfacing with several types of LCD displays that does not contain a controller nor a graphics RAM. An ideal LTDC application will consist of External RAM as a frame buffer for the LCD and a FLASH to store the large size images and icons.

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