About us


Mutex is an Embedded systems solutions company specialised in ARM-Cortex controllers used for embedded systems applications. We provide Embedded systems design and development solutions in all aspects; Software, Hardware, HMI/GUI design & development and Maintenance & Support.We have developed numerous industry-scale Embedded systems solutions for companies across the world, in many different markets to meet their growing automation needs. Our highly-skilled team, alongside with our suppliers and partners enabled us to deliver outstanding Embedded Solutions.

What we do?

We design and develop Embedded C, ARM Cortex based Microcontroller systems. Clients approach us with an Automation, Monitoring, Control and Processing problem, and we accordingly design & develop an Embedded system to solve client’s problem. We work on all aspects of Embedded system development including: Simulation and prototyping, full software design, PCB design and assembly, Mechanical control box building, deployment to client’s plant and we provide Maintenance and support.