Hardware design & Manufacturing

Embedded Hardware is the heart of every embedded system that we at Mutex Embedded take to a different level through latest scientific methods, machinery and experience. We provide many different services as part of Embedded hardware development as follows:

Hardware components selection

We put significant effort into components selection to ensure they meet performance criteria and environmental conditions. Our hardware selection process involves many activities:

  • Selecting Microcontroller suitable for the application is terms of: Processing power, memory requirement, peripherals, operating conditions and power consumption.
  • Additional power management chips such as; Power regulators, Battery management components and protection chips.
  • User interface components; LCDs, Touch controller chips, display drivers, External Flash and SDRAM memory for graphics.
  • Application specific chips and modules: Audio Codec for audio applications, Charge Controller for a solar panel system, motor drive chips for BLDC motor and else.
PCB building

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design is a core hardware development stage, where all electronics circuits are integrated together. Our highly skilled electronics engineers develop outstanding PCBs utilizing powerful design software tools, that involves PCB schematic, design, manufacturing and assembly.

  • Conduct a theoretical research to analyse all the special PCB requirements for the application.
  • Draw PCB design, implement computer simulations when necessary and building a testing prototype.
  • Rigorously test the PCB prototype to detect all the possible flaws or failures.
  • Then, make the necessary changes to the design and build the final PCB.
Control Box

Once all Electronic circuits and boards are built, we provide control box design and build to put all electronic parts together and enable a modular structure to deploy to client’s site. Control boxes can also contain user interface and monitoring, as part of the System. Control box consists of many parts:

  • Power supply unit.
  • Safety circuit breaker unit.
  • Main system controllers.
  • User interface panel.