We have been developing cutting-edge, industry standard software applications across different application domains. Our highly talented team of programmers enable us to deliver wide range of Embedded Software services:

Application software

We provide end-user software solutions that solves client’s automations, monitoring or control problem, in numerous domains, the following are some examples:

  • Fundamental state machine control to switch system states based on user inputs/events.
  • Math operations and algorithms: Arithmetic, Matrices, Trigonometry, Complex numbers.
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms: FFT, Digital Filters, Statistics functions, Interpolation functions.
  • Closed-Loop control: Mathematical modelling, Simulation, PID control.
  • Audio and Image processing.
  • Generic processing and control algorithms.

Device drivers

Embedded microcontroller system often require external devices such as sensors, controller or memory devices, which would require a software library to enable application software to communicate with the externally connected devices. The following are examples of some external devices:

  • Generic sensors: Motion, Temperature, Proximity, Pressure.
  • Data communication modules: Radio, Ethernet, USB, RS232.
  • Controllers: Charge Controller, Motor driver chip, Battery Management system.
  • Output devices: LCD display, Audio amplifier.
  • Any other, application specific external devices software.

User Interface software

User interface software is an essential part of the Embedded software design that had to be integrated within the application software to account for user interaction with the system. We provide a variety of User interface solutions:

  • LCD display with a GUI software as part of the system
  • Physical control with buttons, switches, light indicators and Keypads.
  • PC Interface application for monitoring and control of the system
  • Remote monitoring and control via cloud.
  • Industrial SCADA User Interface.

Industrial software

Part of our main services is to develop industrial embedded systems to solve monitoring, process and control problem. Our team is certified industrial software developers in the following areas:

  • LabVIEW programming
  • SCADA software development
  • PLC systems
  • Etc…



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