Chemical Pump

Simple Injection


Relevant Skills
STM32, LCD, GUI, Solar Panel, ARM-Cortex.
Application Area
Solar, Automation.


Solar powered Chemical pump with an LCD Interface to control pump modes of operations and display Solar Charge Controller parameters such Battery level, Tank-level, Temperature, Wattage and Time Information. The application domain of this project is in remote plants such as chemical plants in desert or jungle


The main problem was to integrate chemical pump solar system together into one platform for solar power management, control and monitoring using LCD touch display.


Used the STM32F469i-Disco board that has the processing power to implement the control algorithms, consists of a high-resolution LCD display with capacitive touch panel, offers wide range of peripherals (DSI, FSMC, UART, USB, QSPI, Digital I/O and others), capable of graphics and GUI processing due to DMA2D graphics accelerator, External RAM & FLASH for display graphics and files.

All software components of the STM32F469i were integrated together under an RTOS program to manage the Real-Time devices. A PC configuration software was created to communicate with the STM32 and set control and configuration parameters.


A complete embedded system prototype for software development and testing was built integrating all the parts (Charge Controller, Battery, Motor Driver, BLDC pump, STM32F469i) into a single control box:

The entire software was rigorously tested, and changes were made until software was fully functional meeting all functional and performance requirements. Next stage adding Internet connectivity to the system and communicate with an IoT control server.